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cost of acsr weasel conductor per meter

ACSR weasel conductor belongs to ACSR-BS215 standards.  It strands 6 aluminums and 1 steel. Both of their diameter are 2.59 mm. We can know the overall diameter is 7.77 mm. From the standard, we can know the nominal aluminum area of weasel conductor is 30 mm2. But we all know, in the real production, it may as some errors. The sectional area of aluminum actually is 31.61. When you want to buy acsr weasel conductor, you should pay attention to this point. It isn’t suitable for the standard, and it is reasonable. The total sectional area is 36.88 mm2. After the cabling, the total linear mass is 128 kg/km.
Through the test, the calculated breaking load should be 1146 daN. At the 20℃, calculate D.C. resistance should be 0.9077. When the weasel conductor is working, the current rating should be 134 A. Email:

ACSR Weasel Conductor Parameter:

Code name  Weasel
Nominal aluminum area mm 230
Stranding structureAl. No.6
Al. Dia.2.59
St. No.1
St. Dia2.59
Sectional area of aluminum mm 231.61
Total sectional area mm 236.88
Overall diameter mm7.77
Totalkg/km 128
Calculated breaking load daN1146
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.9077
Current RatingA134

These are some acsr weasel conductor specifications. Knowing these specifications, you can know if it is what you want. In addition, you can use better. For example, you know the current rating of acsr weasel conductor is 134 A. When you use it, you should make the current rating below 134 A. If you can’t confirm, you can contact us know more acsr weasel conductor specifications. We will reply you within 12 hours.

How to use the weasel conductor?

The safety of cable is very important. It is not only refers to the quality, but also the using. You must pay attention to some problems, which may cause problems. Then you can pay more attention to these aspects.

In the using of acsr weasel conductor, it may have many problems. In the daily life, when we meet something, we may not know how to finger out. I am sure you may know very well about the conductor knowledge. So if you can know the reason which may cause the problem, you can think the measures. If there are something happens, you can solve very easily. Now I will tell you some problems, which may occur in the using of weasel.

the using of acsr weasel conductor

The most important is the quality of acsr weasel conductor. The good-quality conductor can prove the service life. We can operate according to the standard specification. So you should be more careful in the buying. The installation needs skilled works to operate. Such as, the site and distance of cable tray, the high of cable tray and so on. These all needs be calculated accurately. So you should find works, which have the enrich experience. The normal inspection is very important. All the using of production will occur problems. We can’t avoid, but we can solve it in time. In the normal inspection, the abnormal situation occurs, our works should adopt measures instantly. In addition, you should prove the worker can solve it.

What can you get in Huadong?

Huadong is a professional acsr weasel conductor manufacture. We have the skilled workers and professional seller, so we can solve all your problems about products. You can send the inquiry get the cheap price now. We will reply you within 12 hours. Email:

cheap acsr 6x2.59mm+1x2.59mm weasel conductor price in Philippines

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