AAAC Conductor-All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

2awg aaac conductor specification

AAAC conductor(all aluminum alloy conductor) is one type of overhead bare conductor. AAAC cable has superior strength and light weight performance. The strength is very closely or maybe better than high-quality steel. What’s more, the all aluminum alloy conductor can be produced into many shapes, because of its good plasticity. So the 132kv aaac bare wire is widely used in the industry. Meanwhile, light weight can make transport of 35mm2 aaac all aluminum conductor more convenient. So you can save your cost. Besides, compared with aac aluminum conductor, the aaac conductor transmission line-span can be increased. If you need more information about aaac 100mm2 conductor specification and price, just leave your message. Email:

AAAC Conductor-All Aluminum Alloy Conductor Sizes and Standards

Huadong Cable Group is a famous aaac bare conductor manufacturer. We can supply all aaac conductor sizes for your projects. What’s more, our all aluminum alloy conductors are strictly manufactured according to standards. For example, aaac greeley conductor is one type of ASTM-B399 standard. In fact the greeley conductor size is from 927.2 mcm to 1750 mcm. AAAC greeley conductor strands 37 or 61 aluminum alloy conductors. So when you purchase greeley conductor, you need to tell the aaac greeley conductor supplier about the all aluminum alloy conductor size. Email:

AAAC conductor 50mm2 100mm2 price list in Myanmar

In addition, the aaac flint conductor also belongs to ASTM standard. it also has the different aspects. Upas conductor belongs to BS3242 aaac all aluminum alloy conductor standard. The upas conductor size is 300mm2. This kind 300mm2 upas aaac conductor consist of 37/3.53 all aluminum ally wire.

AAAC-ASTM-B399 Standard
AAAC-British BS7884 Standard
AAAC-Canadian Standard
AAAC-DIN 48201 Standard
AAAC-GB9329 Standard

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You know we are professional bare conductor manufacturer, so we can different aaac conductor sizes. Just tell your need, we can supply 132kv all aluminum alloy conductor price to Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam Brazil and Chile.

How about overhead bare aaac conductor performance?

Generally speaking, elongation is an important indication of mechanical properties of the all aluminium alloy conductor. What’s more, it is also an important symbol, which judge the quality and the the size of external forces of 100mm2 aaac all aluminum alloy conductor.  Through the elongation, we can know the plasticity of aluminum alloy conductor 100sq mm is very good. It will be very convenient in aaac conductor producing and installing. In addition, the 150mm2 higher strength to weight ratio than AAC conductor, and better corrosion resistance than ACSR conductor. what’s more, there are a bending test to check aaac all aluminum alloy conductor bending resistance. In the installing, there are the specified bending standard in the every standards, whatever the GBT, IEC, BS and so on. Email:

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By the way, if the the material is uneven or replace by other material, it will influence 2awg aaac bare conductor bending performance. So you’d better find a professional aaac 2awg 7/2.47mm conductor manufacturer. HDC has produced aaac 123.3 mcm Azusa conductor for twenty years. Being a reliable aaac conductor 19/2.5mm supplier, we established cooperation with the customers from all over the world. In fact, we have sell our cheap transmission bare aaac 70mm2(7/3.91mm) conductor to England, France, Croatia, America, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries. So, if you need 100mm2 aaac conductor Myanmar or Philippines price, just contact us. Email:

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Because the aaac bare wire owns the definitely advantages, and the aluminum is similar with aluminum alloy. So some conductor aaac manufacturers may use the aluminum to replace the aluminum alloy, or the quality of the aluminum alloy is not so good. For the long-term cooperation, we never do the things, which may break the customer. You can find HDC is a very reliable transmission bare aaac 70mm2 conductor company. What’s more, in the aaac conductor price list, you may find our aaac 180.7mm2 conductor is cheaper. Because we sell 50mm2 aaac all aluminum alloy conductor directly. Just choose HDC to get best 100mm2 aaac bare conductor quotation. Email:

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