AAAC Conductor-All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

AAAC Conductor All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

What’s aaac conductor?

Cable aaac is the full form of all aluminum alloy conductor, which one type of overhead conductor. It is made from an alloy materials, which we add some trace amounts elements. Such as iron, silicon, magnesium, rare earth and so on. It the improvement of aluminum. AAAC cable has low density, but high strength. The strength is very closely or maybe better than high-quality steel. Conductor aaac can be produced into many shape, because of its good plasticity. So the aaac wire is widely used in the industry.

in view of the aluminum alloy has high strength and light weight, when we produce the all aluminium alloy conductor, it has many advantages. For example, compared with the same performance, aluminium alloy conductors can have smaller diameter. So it will use not so much material, it can reduce the cost. Meanwhile, light weight can make transport more convenient. So it will be a good choice. Compared with aac, its transmission line span can be increased. If you use aluminum alloy conductor, you can found less span. It will save you many cost from every aspect. By the way, huadong can provide all aaac conductor sizes. If you have any question, please contact us now.

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AAAC Conductor Parameter List:

AAAC-ASTM-B399 Standard
AAAC-British BS7884 Standard
AAAC-BS3242 Standard
AAAC-Canadian Standard
AAAC-DIN 48201 Standard
AAAC-GB9329 Standard
AAAC-IEC1089-A3 Standard

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How about the properties of aaac cable?

There are a bending test to check the bending resistance. In the installing, there are the specified bending standard in the every standards, whatever the GBT, IEC, BS and so on. For example, in the GB/T12706, the smallest bending radius of cable aaac should be 7 times of the cable. But the copper cable bending radius is 10-20 times of its cable. So you can get the aaac cable bending performance is good. If you use it, you can reduce the space, and install easily. you can save a lot of money. By the way, if the the material is uneven or replace by other material, it will influence the conductor aaac bending performance. So you’d better find the professional aaac conductor manufacturers.Email:

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aaac conductor's structure
AAAC Conductor

How about the extension performance of the aaac wire?

Elongation is an important indication of mechanical properties of the all aluminium alloy conductor, and it is also an important symbol, which judge the quality and the the size of external forces of all aluminum alloy conductor. The elongation of common aluminum rod is 15%, and the copper cable is 25%, but the aluminium alloy conductors are 30% after annealing. Through the elongation, we can know the plasticity of aluminum alloy conductor is very good. It will be very convenient in producing and installing, so cable aaac is very popular. Something is popular, then it will cause mass manufacturers to produce. In view of the similarity of aluminum and aluminum alloy, some aaac conductor manufacturers may replace aluminum alloy with aluminum. So you must be careful when you buy. Email:

As a professional manufacture, We can accept the third arty inspection. If you want to know any details, you can contact us.

What’s the mainly cable aaac?

In the conductor aaac catalogo, Huadong Cable Group is a famous aaac cable manufacturer. We can produce all aaac conductor specifications according to your requirement. Now I will introduce you some aaac conductor specification.
AAAC greely conductor is the ASTM-B399 standard. It include a set of aac specifications. The conductor size is from 927.2 mcm to 1750 mcm. Greely conductor strands 37 or 61 aluminum alloy conductors, but they have the different radius. So when you purchase Greeley conductor, you must be careful to assure the aaac greeley conductor specification. Get the free sample:

At the same time, the aaac flint also belongs to ASTM-B399 standard. it also has the different aspects. Upas conductor belongs to BS3242. The conductor size is 300 mm2. It strands 37 aluminum alloys. The diameter of each conductor is 24.71 mm, and the sectional area is 362.10. the linear density is 997 kg/km, so its related strength is 10350kgf. Expect tups conductor, the yew conductor and araumm are also belong to all aluminum alloy conductor.

Where can you get the high-quality aaac cable with best price?

Huadong Cable Group- the best aaac manufacture

Because the aaac wire owns the definitely advantages, and the aluminum is similar with aluminum alloy. So some conductor aaac manufacturers may use the aluminum to replace the aluminum alloy, or the quality of the aluminum alloy is not so good. For the long-term cooperation, we never do the things, which may break the customer. You can find in the aaac conductor catalogue. Huadong cable is indeed a very reliable company. In the aaac conductor price list, you may find the aaac conductor manufacturers india are very cheap. But you may know the cheapest aluminum is in China. And in China, the aluminum of Henan is the cheapest. Huadong cable is located in Henan, so choose huadong, you can get the best price. Email:

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