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ACSR wire is one type of bare conductors, and is used as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. In fact, these acsr conductor wires are produced according to different standards. Meanwhile, every standards contains many acsr conductor sizes.

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ACSR wire mainly consists of two materials: aluminum and steel.  Because the aluminum conductor steel reinforced has excellent strength, it is suitable for electrical power transmission over long distances. it is advantageous for this acsr cable to be put up across a valley or river or under other various special geographic conditions. What’s more, acsr cable owns good conductivity, so it will produce less heat when transporting the power. Then it will reduce the line heating problem, and improve the security.

ACSR cable sizes and specification

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we supply lots of acsr conductor sizes. Huadong Cable Group is a professional acsr cable manufacturer. We produce acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced as ASTM B232, BS 215, DIN 48204, IEC 61089, JIS C3110-78, NF C34-120 or other standards.Please leave the acsr wire sizes and quantity you need, we will send best acsr cable prices to you. Email:

What kind of ACSR cable do you need?

Now I will introduce you some acsr wire sizes. For example, acsr lapwing conductor belongs to ACSR-ASTM-B232 standards. About area, the aluminum area is 805.68mm2, and the steel is 55.48mm2, so the total area is 861.16mm2. The acsr lapwing conductor strands 45 aluminum, which the diameter is 4.77mm. It strands 7 steels insides, which the diameter is 3.18mm. Through the calculation, we can know, the approximate overall diameter is 38.16mm. The linear mass of acsr lapwing conductor is 2667kg/km. Among them, the aluminum is 2232kg/km, and the steel is 435kg/km. In addition, the rated tensile strength is 18702daN, and the Maximum D.C. Resistance is 0.03595Ω/km at 20℃. Current rating is 911A.

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This is one specification of kabel acsr, and there are other acsr wire size, such as acsr kundah conductor, If you are interested in the acsr kabel, you can contact us for more details. Of course, we can customize for you according your requirement. Email:

Purchase high-quality acsr cable from professional manufacturers

If you want to get the high-quality 1272mcm acsr cable, it is important to find a reliable overhead bare conductor manufacturer.  Generally speaking, there are four processes to produce this acsr cable: wire drawing, bare conductor stranding, extrusion insulation and cladding. As one of the great acsr conductor cable manufacturers, Huadong Cable Group produces 1272mcm conductor strictly according to ASTM B232 standard. In fact, the general acsr wire has its own required area, shape and size. So, when you buy 1272mcm acsr conductor, you need to check the acsr cable wire sizes. What’s more, it is also necessary to learn about acsr cable suppliers reputation before placing your order.

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That means if the acsr wire manufacturers can deliver the overhead acsr conductor on time. In fact, Huadong Cable Group has established cooperation with lots of company from all over the world. We have exported our 795mcm conductor to England, France, Croatia, America, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries.  Therefore, if you want to get best acsr 795mcm drake conductor wire Philippines price, just leave your message. Our manager will supply 795mcm acsr cable quotation as soon as possible. Email:

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Huadong Cable Group is one of the famous acsr cable manufacturers in China. We own our factory, and we have many skilled workers. So we have the ability to produce the high-quality acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced wire. As we all know, aluminum in Henan is very cheap. Because of low price acsr wire material, Huadong can supply cheap acsr cables for customers. So if you choose us, you can get best 477mcm hawk conductor price for your project. On the one hand, in the producing process, Huadong pays more attention to control acsr wire quality. We need to ensure the acsr cable sizes are in line with international standards. Email:

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What’s more, we sell acsr conductor directly to our customers. So, there is no any third party for differences. That means you can get 150mm2 acsr wolf conductor factory price. In addition, if you need large quantity, we can give you discount acsr wolf cable. So when you compare the acsr cable price list, you will know our price is very reasonable. Huadong cable will be a good partner for you. Just leave the acsr conductor wire sizes and quantity you need, we will supply quotation in 2 hours. Email:

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