ACSR Dog Conductor with High Quality

acsr dog conductor
ACSR Dog Conductor

What is acsr conductor?

ACSR dog conductor is the British standards, and it belongs to acsr cable. To be more accurately, it is BS215 standards. You can know the basic acsr dog conductor specification from the follow words. It consists of 6 aluminum and 7 steels. The diameter of aluminum is 4.72 mm, and the nominal aluminum area is 100 mm2. Diameter of the steel is 1.57 mm. So we can know, the overall diameter is 14.15 mm. Then the total sectional area of acsr dog is 118.50 mm2. When it works, the current rating is 278 A. Calculated breaking load is 3270 daN. At the 20 ℃, the calculated D. resistance is 0.2733 Ω/km.

Through these data, you can know if the acsr dog conductor specification is suitable to your requirement. If it isn’t suitable, it doesn’t matter. We can customize for you with the low acsr dog conductor price.


ACSR Dog Conductor parameter:

Code name  Dog
Nominal aluminum area mm 2100
Stranding structureAl. No.6
Al. Dia.4.72
St. No.7
St. Dia1.57
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2105
Total sectional area mm 2118.5
Overall diameter mm14.15
Totalkg/km 394
Calculated breaking load daN3270
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.2733
Current RatingA278

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What can we know from the production of acsr dog?

As we all know, cable production is a continuous production model, and it is superposition. Because we need to control the production from the whole situation. It can influence the quality of acsr dog conductor. So you can have a basic judge from the a company’s production process.

The equipment should be placed according to the production process. It can make semi-production can be produced by circulation.

acsr dog conductor producing process

In the production process of acsr dog, the management of production should be scientific and strictly. And the operator should adhere to the requirement. Any of links may influence the quality and the delivery of dog conductor. Email:


Because the production process is continuous, so we should pay attention to any links. There are a illustrate for you. If the problem occurs in the inner layer, and the worker doesn’t find, the damage will be huge.These process can influence the every aspect of acsr dog. Such as the quality, the dog conductor size. You can come and visit our factory. If you contact us or leave your message, we will send you the accurate address.

How to produce acsr dog conductor in Huadong Cable Group?

As a professional acsr dog manufacturer, huadong has over 30 years of production experience and 15 years of export experience. High-quality service and production are the first choice of many customers. In the production, huadong has a complete system.

acsr dog conductor testing packing delivery

In the production workshop, all the equipment is placed according to the order. When we place the equipment, we should consider to balance the production. For example, the aluminum diameter of dog conductor is 4.72. When we get om drawing, we should consider the amount of pinch. One pinch need how much pull. Huadong has skilled workers to calculate these data. If you are interest these production processes, you can contact us, we will send you the video. You can also visit our factory. Email:

the storage of acsr dog conductor For producing normally in every link, skilled works strictly comply with the requirement. And we strictly control the production quality. For example, in the production of acsr dog conductor, it mainly refers to drawing and stranding. Because conductor production is different from other assembled products. If one link is has a problem, the acsr dog can’t be repaired. It will influence.

This year, we build the new factory, and buy many advanced equipment. We want to get more status in the acsr dog conductor price list. So we can not only provide you the high-quality dog conductor, but also the low acsr dog conductor price. Email:

Customer case

acsr dog conductor customer case

Huadong has over 15 years of export experience. We export many countries, such as, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South American, North America and so on. You can also visit our factory. Get the address now:

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