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ACSR Panther Conductor

What’s the acsr panther conductor?

Everyone has our own name, and the cable also has their name. As we all know, there are many standards, such as British standards, American standards. Every standard has many specifications. So people name them for convenience. For example, when you buy acsr panther conductor, you just need send it to the seller. Then he will know what you want. Now I will introduce for you the this product.

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ACSR Panther Conductor Parameter:

Code name  Panther
Nominal aluminum area mm 2200
Stranding structureAl. No.30
Al. Dia.3
St. No.7
St. Dia3
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2212.1
Total sectional area mm 2261.5
Overall diameter mm21
Totalkg/km 974
Calculated breaking load daN9225
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.1363
Current RatingA421

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ACSR panther conductor belongs to the BS-215 standard acsr conductor. Its aluminum area is 200 mm2. It strands 30 aluminum, which the diameter is 3 mm. There are 7 steels, which the diameter also is 3 mm. Through the calculation, we can know the overall diameter is 21 mm. Among them, the sectional area of aluminum is 212.1 mm2, and the total sectional area is 261.5 mm2. After final cabling,  it should be tested strictly. For the whole cable, the total linear mass should be 974 kg/km, and the calculated breaking load should be 9225 daN. In the normal situation, the current rating of panther conductor is 421 A. At 20℃, the calculated D.C resistance should be 0.1363Ω/km.

This is the basic acsr panther conductor specification. If you want to buy this conductor, or you want to know whole panther conductor size, you can contact us. We can also send you the free sample.

Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

How can we make the acsr panther work normally?

To ensure it work normally, installing is an important job. So before installing acsr panther conductor, you need do some checking job.

The first thing is to check it. You need know if it conforms the acsr panther conductor specification. You’d better do some basic test. The acsr panther conductor should mark the starting point. You must finger this out. Although you have checked the acsr panther, you need to check other aspects. For example, cable is easy to get mechanical injury, whatever in the package or transporting. So you should do a comprehensive check.

panther conductor testing package and delivery

Then you should check the support. The supports should be neat. The height and distance among support should meet the specifications. In case of rusty, we often paint. Before install the acsr panther conductor, you need check the if the paint is good. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

the application of acsr panther conductor

Before installing, we need do tide treatment. Especially the ribbon, glass lacquer and alkali-free glass, which make the cable connector. When you use the pliers, you should check the insulation handle first. You must ensure the insulation handled is good. Every kind of pliers can cut specific metal wire. If the wire exceed the regulation, it may cause unexpected accident. What’s more, the pliers is used to cut it. If you use is to knock. It will get hurt. These are the very basic attention in installing acsr panther. Although they are very small things , but they are related to the quality and utilization. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

What are our advantages?

ACSR Panther Conductor factory picture huadong

As a professional acsr panther conductor manufacturer, Huadong has our own factory. In the acsr panther conductor price list, you can know that the factory price is the cheapest. So if you want to buy acsr panther conductor with cheap price, you can contact us.  Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

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