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acsr coyote conductor

What’s coyote conductor?

ACSR coyote conductor is one kind of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. It belongs to ACSR-BS215 standard. According to the standard principle, the nominal aluminum area is 125 mm2. But the sectional area of aluminum actually is 132.10 mm2. Sometimes, the production may have some little error, and it is reasonable. Coyote acsr conductor strands 26 aluminum, which the diameter is 2.54 mm. it strands 7 steels, which the diameter is 1.91 mm. From the calculation, the overall diameter is 15.89 mm. Then total sectional area is 152.20 mm2. After cabling, coyote conductor is needed to be test. Total linear mass should be 522 kg/km. the calculated breaking load should be 4640 daN. At 20℃, calculate D.C resistance should be 0.2187Ω/km. When acsr coyote conductor is working , the current rating IS 311 A.

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ACSR Coyote Conductor Technical Parameter:

Code nameCoyote
Nominal aluminum area mm 2125
Stranding structureAl. No.26
Al. Dia.2.54
St. No.7
St. Dia1.91
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2132.1
Total sectional area mm 2152.2
Overall diameter mm15.89
Totalkg/km 522
Calculated breaking load daN4640
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.2187
Current RatingA311

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How to protect the coyote conductor?

As we all know, each thing has the service life, and the conductor also is. But in the using, there are many things to reduce its service life. So we should avoid these problems. Of course, we should adopt some measures to protect the acsr coyote conductor.

acsr coyote producing and protection

First of all, you should install the conductor according to the standard. Improper operation may cause some damages for the coyote acsr conductor. In the installation, some collision may be very normal, but we should prove not to cause serious injury. The line planning should be proper. The conductor should line in sequence, and not to be too concentrated. In the normal using, the regularly test is very important. You should know the operation situation regularly. The normally test is very important. Once having problems, you can adopt some measures in time. Especially, the coyote acsr conductor shouldn’t overload. The weather of summer is very hot, you should pay more attention in the summer. So the good care and maintenance can prove the normal service life of cable.

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