ACSR Conductor-Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced

ACSR Conductor Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced

Application:Aluminum conductor steel reinforced consisits of steel and aluminum. Used as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

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ACSR Conductor Technical Parameter List:

ACSR-ASTM-B232 Standard
ACSR-BS215 Standard
ACSR-Canadian Standard
ACSR-DIN48204 Standard
ACSR-GB1179 Standard
ACSR-IEC1089-A1S1A Standard
ACSR-IEC1089-A1S2A Standard
ACSR-IEC1089-A1S3A Standard

What’s acsr conductor?

aluminum conductor steel reinforced

Conductor acsr is the full form of aluminum conductor steel reinforced, and it strands aluminum conductor outside the steel. Aluminium conductor steel reinforced mainly used in the power industry. The inside core is steel, and it mainly increases the aluminum conductor steel reinforced cable. The outside is aluminum, and they use strand around the steel. Their role mainly are transporting power. Huadong Cable Group is a professional acsr conductor manufacturer in China. If you want to buy acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced, you can send us the quotation, we will quote for you within 12 hours.

What’s the advantages of steel reinforced cable?

Now, aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable is very popular, and it is used in the many cases. From the popularity, we can know it must have the absolute advantages.

acsr conductor structure

From the product performance, conductor acsr improves the high-temperature performance. Because the steel has strong strength, it can bear more weight. So compared with other conductors, we can produce aluminium conductor steel reinforced of larger section. It can increase the carrying capacity. Meanwhile, the aluminum conductor steel reinforced is high heat resistance and high conductivity. It can not only increase the security performance of running equipment, but also reduce the power loss. If you use the aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable, it can reduce your cost and increase the effectiveness. Want to get the low acsr conductor price? Send the inquiry. E-mail:

From the application, the acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced widely used in curious voltage levels overhead transmission and distribution lines. Especially some are have rives and valley, the steel reinforced cable can overcome these problem. If your case are in these area, you can consider aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable. For more acsr conductor specifications, please contact us, we will send you the acsr conductor size and best acsr conductor price. E-mail:

aluminum conductor steel reinforced application

From the installation, in the aerial installation, the conductor acsr is very simple, the work can install directly. You needn’t the complicated formalities. Because the steel has strong strength, so the aluminium conductor steel reinforced has good technical strength. It can be feasible to increase the tower distance. Then it can save the material and power. If you adopt aluminum conductor steel reinforced, you can save the cost.

In addition, the good mechanical performance makes the transport of acsr aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable more easy. As one of the professional acsr conductor suppliers, huadong can provide a very reasonable acsr conductor price. E-mail:

What’s the main steel reinforced cable?

In the acsr conductor catalogue, it has many acsr sizes. Now I will introduce you some acsr conductor types. Raccoon conductor is the BS215 standard. It strands 6 aluminum with the diameter of 4.10mm around the 1 steel with the same diameter. The overall diameter is 12.30 mm. Nominal aluminum area is 75 mm2, and sectional area of aluminum is 92.40. Then we can know, its total sectional area s 92.40. Although the total linear mass is 320kg/km. This is the basic acsr raccoon conductor specification. In addition, calculated D.C resistance is 20 Ω/km, and current rating is 231 A. This is one acsr conductor specifications, if you want to know the price, you can send us inquiry. E-mail:

the main acsr conductor structure

ACSR hawk belongs to ASTM-B232 standards. Among them, aluminum area is 241.68, and steel area is 39.42 mm2. Then the total area is 281.10 mm2. It strands 26 aluminum with the diameter of 3.44 and 7 steels with diameter of 2.67 mm. The overall diameter is approximately 21.79mm. About the weight, the aluminum linear mass is 670 kg/km, and the steel linear mass is 308kg/km, so we can calculate the total linear mass is 978kg/km. In addition, the rated tensile strength is 8665 daN, maximum D.C. Resistance is 0.11990Ω/km at 20℃. The current rating is 455A. Above are the hawk conductor specification.

There are many acsr conductor types, I just talk about two of them. If you can’t find the acsr conductor size from the acsr conductor catalogue, you can contact us. As long as you know your wanted acsr conductor specifications, we can customized.E-mail:

Where can you get the high-quality conductor acsr with low price?

In the market of aluminium conductor steel reinforced, there are many acsr manufacturers. For example, the acsr conductor manufacturer in india, acsr conductor manufacturer from China. In the acsr conductor price list, China has the superiority. China has the cheapest aluminum in the world,, and aluminum is the main material of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Huadong Cable Group is located in Henan province. Henan owns the cheap aluminum, so we can provide the low acsr conductor price.

the reliable acsr conductor manufacturer

Expect price, I think the quality is also an important index when you buy aluminium conductor steel reinforced. Huadong Cable insist the quality first and service first. Before acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced leave the factory, we will test strictly from various aspects. We can do what we promise, and we can accept your test or any third party test. Don’t hesitate, send the inquiry, you will get the best quotation with 12 hours. E-mail:

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