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ACSR moose conductor is one of the specification of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. It is the code name of ACSR-BS215 standards. Its nominal aluminum area is 500 mm2. ACSR moose compose of 54 aluminum and 7 steels. Their diameters are both 3.53 mm. We can know the total sectional area is 597.20 mm2. After final cabling, the total linear mass should be 1999 kg/km. Expect from these basic acsr moose conductor specification, there are some professional data.  However, from acsr moose conductor (54/3.53mm+7/3.53mm) specification, you may find its construction is simple. If you need 54/7 acsr moose bare cable, just leave your message. Email:

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced – 54/3.53+7/3.53 ACSR Moose

Code name  Moose
Nominal aluminum area mm 2500
Stranding structureAl. No.54
Al. Dia.3.53
St. No.7
St. Dia3.53
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2528.7
Total sectional area mm 2597.2
Overall diameter mm31.77
Totalkg/km 1999
Calculated breaking load daN16110
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.0547
Current RatingA763

As you can see, the acsr moose conductor (54/3.53+7/3.53) specification is similar to zebra conductor. But their section area of aluminum and steel are not the same. What’s more, the price of 54/7 moose conductor is different in many countries. If you want to know acsr moose conductor cost to Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines or Australia, just leave your message. Click here to get the free sample. Email:

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As we all know, the production process of acsr moose has its own features. It refers to many production processes. Such as the wire drawing, welding metal forming process and so on. The material of producing 54/3.53+7/3.53 acsr moose is aluminum and steel. So for the material, Huadong has strictly arrangement. We will approve the material and its using. Bing a professional bare conductor manufacturer,  we strictly adhere to the production requirement. You can also come and visit our moose conductor factory to see the production process.

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Expect the strict arrangement, the equipment is also very important. Because the production of acsr moose is a continuous and superimposed process. For fitting these production requirement, there are special equipment. Such as drawing machine series, stranding machine series and so on. With this equipment, we can also produce 1272 mcm acsr conductor.  In order to supply large quantity moose conductor, we build a new factory. So if you want to buy acsr moose conductor, we can send 500mm2 acsr moose conductor quotation to you as soon as possible. Email:

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Our mission is to supply quality acsr moose conductor with competitive price. If you buy acsr moose from us, you can not only get the high quality production, you can get the a very preferential price. It may be lower than other manufacturers in the acsr moose conductor price list. Our principles are quality first, customer first, safety first.  So we want to provide you the better service and faster delivery. ACSR moose is just one type of acsr conductor. If the acsr moose conductor specification isn’t suitable for you. You can select acsr dog conductor or panther conductor according to your project.  As long as you have the specification, we can customize for you. Email:

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Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest professional acsr moose conductor (54/3.53+7/3.53)  suppliers. We own our cable factory, and can provide cheap AAAC conductor for you. So we can not only delivery 54/7 acsr moose on time, but also promis the quality. We have export our low price moose conductor to Croatia, America, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil. You can visit our factory to see our factory or get the free sample:

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