High-quality ACSR Zebra Conductor with Low Price

ACSR Zebra Conductor
ACSR Zebra Conductor

What’s zebra conductor?

ACSR zebra conductor belongs to ACSR-BS215. There is common point with moose conductor. They all consist of 54 aluminum and 7 steels. But other acsr zebra conductor specification is totally different from the moose conductor. The diameter of aluminum and steel is the same. They are 3.18 mm. From the calculation, We can know the overall diameter is 28.62 mm. Then total sectional area is 484.50 mm2, and sectional area of aluminum is 428.90 mm2. The weight is also a simple test, total linear mass should be 1621 kg/km. Then its calculated breaking load is 13190 daN. When the acsr zebra is working, the current rating is 635 A. At 20 ℃, the calculated D.C resistance is 0.0674 Ω/km.

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ACSR Zebra Conductor Parameter:

Code name  Zebra
Nominal aluminum area mm 2400
Stranding structureAl. No.54
Al. Dia.3.18
St. No.7
St. Dia3.18
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2428.9
Total sectional area mm 2484.5
Overall diameter mm28.62
Totalkg/km 1621
Calculated breaking load daN13190
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.0674
Current RatingA635

From the acsr zebra conductor specification, I make sure you can know if it is your want. If it is, tap the button, we will send you the professional quotation with 12 hours.
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How to get the high-quality zebra acsr?

As we all know, every step will influence the quality zebra conductor in the production process. Quality is the first. This is also huadong’s principle. So we strictly adhere to production process, and gradually improve the production. Now I introduce you how to produce a high-quality acsr zebra conductor in huadong. Of course, you can visit our factory. If you leave your message, we will send you the accurate the detailed address. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

zebra conductor cable plant

Drawing is the first step. The main material of acsr zebra is aluminum pole. In the normal temperature, we make the aluminum pole goes through one or several drawing die. Then the aluminum will become the sectional area, which we need. Meanwhile, it will become strength. Of course, we have the wire drawing machine to help aluminum pull. The main technology is model technology, it needs skilled workers. Huadong has over 30 years of producing experience, so we have the professional workers. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of zebra acsr. Send the inquiry, you can also get the best price.
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drawing and stranding of zebra conductor

The stranding is to improve the softness of zebra conductor. We have known the every acsr zebra conductor specification. According the zebra conductor size, we know how many aluminum and steel to strand. Since we have know the accurate specification, we can produce according to the standards. So you should know a professional work can provide the professional quotation. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

cabling and testing of zebra conductor

The final step is cabling. We need to ensure the performance of cable and reduce the outlook. We often strand into round shape. Zebra acsr is the round shape. Its mechanism is similar with the stranding. The different is the diameter of cabling is bigger than the standing, so we often adopt the non-retreat twist. When we strand the conductor, it will cause some force. The force may curse the damage. So we adopt the non-retreat twist.

Huadong Cable Group aims at the mutual benefit, and we seek the long-term cooperation. So we can do our best to provide you the best acsr zebra conductor. Welcome to visit our factory.
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What’s our advantage?

zebra conductor producing plant

Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest professional aac conductor manufacturers. We owns our factory, which has advanced equipment and skilled workers. So we can not only delivery product on time, but also promis the quality of aac conductor. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

Customer Case:

zebra conductor customer visiting

Huadong Cable Group owns 15 years of export experience. We export to many countries in the Middle Est, Africa, Asia Oceania, South America, North America and so on. You can visit our factory to see our factory or get the free sample: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

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