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The acsr rabbit conductor is one of size of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Rabbit conductor belongs to BS-215 standard, which is British standard. As a professional acsr bare conductor manufacture, we can produce the 6/1 3.35mm rabbit conductor strictly according to international standards. So you can rest assured to place your order. Then our manager will supply BS 6/1 3.35mm acsr rabbit conductor price list for you as soon as possible. Email:

ACSR Rabbit Conductor Specification – ACSR 50mm2 6/1 3.35mm

Code name  Rabbit
Nominal aluminum area mm 250
Stranding structureAl. No.6
Al. Dia.3.35
St. No.1
St. Dia3.35
Sectional area of aluminum mm 252.88
Total sectional area mm 261.7
Overall diameter mm10.05
Totalkg/km 214
Calculated breaking load daN1835
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km0.5426
Current RatingA185

The nominal aluminum area of rabbit acsr conductor is 50 mm2. it strands aluminum and steels with the same diameter. Their diameter is 3.35 mm. Among them, the aluminum number is 6, and the steel number is 1. From the accurate calculation, we can know the overall diameter is 10.05 mm. After the final cabling of acsr rabbit, the total linear mass should be 214 kg/km. In fact, the rabbit acsr conductor construction is similar to acsr dog conductor. However, there are other information about acsr rabbit conductor size. For example, the calculated breaking load 1835 daN, and the calculated D.C resistance is 0.5426 Ω/km at 20 ℃. If you want to buy 6*3.35mm+1*3.35mm acsr rabbit conductor, you can send inquiry to get price. Email:

How to protect the rabbit acsr conductor from getting fire?

As we all know, once the cable get fired, it will be very dangerous. Expect for buying the high-quality 50mm2 acsr rabbit, we can do some measures in advance. First, you must be careful when you install the overhead bare conductor. You can hire skilled work and adhere to the requirement. Especially pay attention to the quality of acsr rabbit connection. It can provide a good working environment for rabbit conductors. Besides, we have supplied 6/1 3.35mm rabbit conductor to many countries. what’s more, our acsr rabbit 50mm2 price in Philippines has great competition. If you need our acsr conductor 6*3.35mm+1*3.35mm rabbit price list, just contact us. Email:

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The next is to check the acsr rabbit conductor regularly. After the acsr 6*3.35mm+1*3.35mm rabbit conductor put into use, you must increase the monitoring of cable operation in case of overloading. However, if you find the abnormal situation, you must solve as soon as possible. We need to ensure the normal working of acsr conductor 50mm2. What’s more, you must know the rabbit conductor size, then you can know how to judge if the cable is normal. Because there are so many acsr bare conductor, like 1272mcm acsr conductor, 336.4 mcm conductor and so on. Email:

Purchase best acsr 6/1 3.35mm rabbit conductor from HDC

Huadong Cable Group is aim to provide customer the high-quality products. Mutual benefit is our mutual pursuit. We can prove our acsr rabbit will totally satisfy your requirement. We also have our own testing system. Before the rabbit conductor leave the factory, we will inspect strictly. If you ever searched acsr rabbit conductor price list, you will know the market. You can send us inquiry to get acsr 6*3.35mm+1*3.35mm conductor quotation. In addition, we also have cheap moose conductor for sale. By the way, we can provide you the free sample, so you can judge from the rabbit conductor sample. Email:

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In the past years, we have exported our 50mm2 acsr rabbit to many countries. So you can get rabbit conductor price list for England, France, Croatia, America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. Email:

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