AAC Conductor- All Aluminium Conductor

aac conductor structure

What’s the aac conductor?

AAC is the short name of all aluminium conductor, and it is one type of overhead conductor. AAC cable consists of 1350 aluminum alloy, which is one or more strands. It usually used in the urban areas, because these areas’ spans are short but needs high voltage overhead lines. As we all know, cable aac has different standards and types, so the demands of customers are different. Every aac wire has a code name or number. When you purchase the conductor aac, you just need speak the the code, the seller will know what you want. If you don’t know the exact code name, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know aac conductor specifications, as professional aac manufacturers, Huadong Cable Group can customize for you.

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Classes 1 AA and A are used primarily for overhead transmission and primary and secondary distribution, where ampacity must be maintained and a lighter conductor (compared to ACSR) is desired, when conductor strength is not a critical factor. Classes B and C are used primarily as bus, apparatus connectors and jumpers, where additional flexibility is required.

aac conductor structure

AAC Conductor Parameter List:

AAC-Canadian Sizes

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What’s the advantages of aac conductor?

Compared with copper cables, aac aluminum has some advantages. The aac all aluminum conductor has the price advantage. The copper is the 3.5 times price of aluminum, so the aac cable is cheaper than other cable. It can save your cost. Another advantage is the aac conductor is very light, because the aluminum wire is lighter than copper. Aluminum weight is 40% of copper. So if you use aac cable, it is very convenient to transport and install. Then you can save the cost. Cable aac has the features of anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant. Aluminum can quickly reacts with oxygen in the air, and form an oxide film , which can prevents further oxidation. So all aluminium conductor is mainly used in the coastal areas. If you are in the coastal areas, you can consider aac wire. You can send us the inquiry, we will quote the newest price for you.     Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com .

What’s the aac wire specifications?

Now I will list some code name and number for you, and have simple introduction. Ant conductor
is the British aac conductor sizes. Its nominal aluminum area is 50mm2, and the sectional area is 52.83mm2. AAC ant conductor strand 7 aluminum wire and its aluminum wire diameter is 3.10mm, and whole overall diameter approximately is 9.30mm. The linear mass is 145kg/km, and the calculated breaking load of ant conductor is 828daN. The calculated D.C. Resistance at 2℃, and the current rating is 181 when aac ant conductor is through the power. If you want to buy aac ant conductor, you can refer to these ant conductor specifications, or send you specification to us, we will reply you within 12 hours.                                              Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com.

all aluminum conductor types

Tarantula conductor is also British standard conductor aac. The tarantula conductor specification is bigger than aac cant conductor. The nominal aluminum area is 750mm2. It strands 37 aluminum wire its diameter is 5.23. The whole overall diameter is approximately 36.60. the sectional area is 794.60. Meanwhile, tarantula conductor is absolutely heavier than ant conductor. The linear mass is 12010, and the calculated D.C Resistance at 20℃. The current rating can reach 1150. If you are interest in these aac aluminum, leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Of course, aac all aluminium conductor also has other aac conductor specifications. Such as 795 aac, aac bull conductor and do on. Did this have your wanted aac aluminium? If it doesn’t have, contact us, we will provide more aac conductor specifications for you.  Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com .

How to store a aac conductor?

As we all know, aac cable doesn’t have insulation or jacket, so the storage is very important. When you store the cable aac, you must be careful. Now I will tell you some precautions.

The all aluminium conductor is afraid of being moisture and chemical corrosion. So the storehouse should be dry ventilation. The relative humidity shall not exceed 70%. Beside this, we should know acid-base substances has very strong corrosive. If we put these substances with the aac wire, the corrosion must be very serious. Of course, the corrosive solid and gas shouldn’t put them up too. If you don’t know how to store aac conductor correctly, you can contact us, and we can tell you more detailed.
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the storage of aac conductor

When the aluminum and copper get through power, it will occurred electrochemical reaction. In case of some accident, we should separate the unpackaged copper cable from the unpackaged conductor aac. In the storage or transportation, the aac aluminum shouldn’t be twisted or folded, or it will cause the technical damage.The aac all aluminum conductor with plate packaging should be set up. But the cable aac with winding packaging should be mat above the wood pad. The stack high should be within 1.5-2m, and be neat to avoid collapse. The stored aac conductor should be checked regularly, so that we can control the occurred accident. So you’d better storage stack in the two volumes, we can check it easily.

As a aac manufacturers with over 30 years of producing experience, we have our strictly storage standard. Choose huadong, you can rest assured. Leave your message for free, we will contact you within the 12 hours. Email:sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com .

Customer Case

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