AAC Conductor- All Aluminium Conductor

AAC All Aluminum Conductor Specification

AAC conductor is the short name of all aluminium conductor, and it is one type of overhead bare conductor. AAC cable consists of 1350 aluminum alloy, which is one or more strands. It usually used in the urban areas, because these areas’ spans are short but needs high voltage overhead lines. As we all know, aac conductor types and standards are different, and demands of customers are also different.  When you purchase aac all aluminum conductor, you need to tell the aac conductor manufacturer about sizes or code name. So that the bare conductor suppliers can send aac conductor price to you.  Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com

All Aluminum Conductor ( AAC )Specifications and Standards

The stranded All Aluminium Conductor(AAC) are made up of concentric-lay-stranded aluminium wires only. These aac conductor consists of 7, 19, 37, 61 or more wires in 1, 2, 3, 4 or more layers around a central wire. However, the aac aluminum conductor sizes and standards are not the same. For example, aac ant conductor is manufactured according to BS215 standard. The nominal aluminum area of ant conductor is 50mm2. AAC ant conductor strand 7 aluminum wire and its aluminum wire diameter is 3.10mm. If you are interested in 50mm2 ant aac aluminum conductor Myanmar or Philippines price, just leave your message. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com

aac conductor all aluminum conductor sizes and priceTarantula conductor is also British standard aac conductor. The tarantula conductor size is bigger than aac ant conductor. The nominal aluminum area is 750mm2. Meanwhile, tarantula conductor is absolutely heavier than ant conductor. In fact, these aac conductor weight is bigger than acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Both of these bare conductor are very common in electricity transmission. In addition, we sell 100mm aac conductor and 150mm all aluminum conductor to many countries. You can contact us to get 100mm2 aac aluminum conductor cost to Brazil. 

AAC-Canadian Sizes

The above is some aac conductor standards and specification. If you are interest in more information about these aac aluminum conductor, leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course, aac all aluminium conductor also has other specifications. Such as 795 aac, 50mm2 aac, 70mm2 aac, 100mm2 aac, 150mm2 aac conductor and so on.

What’s the advantages of aac conductor?

Compared with copper cables, aac aluminum has some advantages. The aac all aluminum conductor has the price advantage. The copper is the 3.5 times price of aluminum, so the aac cable is cheaper than other cable. It can save your cost. Another advantage is the aac conductor is very light, because the aluminum wire is lighter than copper. Aluminum weight is 40% of copper. So if you use aac cable, it is very convenient to transport and install. Then you can save the cost. What’s more,  # 2/0 aac conductor has the features of anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant.  So you can use # 2/0 aac all aluminium conductor in the coastal areas. Email: sales@hdcoverheadconductor.com 

aac conductor 100mm2 price list

As a professional aac conductor manufacturer, we can also supply other bare conductors.  For example, you can also purchase aaac conductor, acsr conductor, acar conductor acs conductor from us. Just send the aac bare wire size and quantity you need.

How to store your aac aluminum conductor?

As we all know, aac cable doesn’t have insulation or jacket, so the storage is very important. When you store aac 70mm2 conductor, you must be careful. Now I will tell you some precautions. The 70mm2 all aluminium conductor is afraid of being moisture and chemical corrosion. So you should make sure that storehouse is dry ventilate. Beside, acid-base substances has very strong corrosive. So your 70mm2 aac aluminum conductor need to avoid exit with corrosive solid and gas. What’s more, in the storage or transportation, you need to notice that don’t twist or fold the aac aluminum conductor. Because it will cause the technical damage. In addtion, checking aac conductor regularly is also necessary.

cheap # 2/0 awg aac conductor price in Africa

Being one of aac suppliers with over 30 years of producing experience, we have our strictly storage standard. If you purchase # 2/0 aac conductor from HDC, we promise to give you best 2 awg aac aluminum conductor price.  In addition, Huadong Cable Group has exported our aac 120sq mm conductor to many countries. So you can get 120/19 aac conductor cost to England, France, Croatia, America, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar.

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